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  • Configuring IntelliJ IDEA for Electron

    Configuring IntelliJ IDEA for Electron

    In the last blog post on Setting Up Electron Framework for Desktop Apps, we talked about Electron framework and its installation, we also tried a “Hello World” example in Electron. This post will a short one and will help you to configure Electron in an IDE – IntelliJ IDEA 2016. Let’s get started with our configuration, first thing…

  • Setting up Natural Language Processing Environment with Python

    Setting up Natural Language Processing Environment with Python

    In this blog post, I will be discussing all the tools of Natural Language Processing pertaining to Linux environment, although most of them would also apply to Windows and Mac. So, let’s get started with some prerequisites.We will use Python’s Pip package installer in order to install various python modules. $ sudo apt install python-pip…

  • Insertion Sort

            Insertion Sort merely means that we insert one number at a time into its correct position comparing with the numbers to the left of it. At each iteration, the key value is compared to the values at its left and swapped if necessary. Insertion_Sort (Ascending order): 1.  for j = 2…

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