Let’s catch up – It has been a while…

My last blog post was on 3rd July 17, it has been a long time since I have posted anything here. I do have 5 posts in my drafts that I never got around completing over the last year, but I hope to publish them soon. On June 17 I moved to Bengaluru and since … Continue reading Let’s catch up – It has been a while…

NLP: Question Classification using Support Vector Machines [spacy][scikit-learn][pandas]

Past couple of months I have been working on a Question Answering System and in my upcoming blog posts, I would like to share some things I learnt in the whole process. I haven't reached to a satisfactory accuracy with the answers fetched by the system, but it is work in progress. Adam QAS on … Continue reading NLP: Question Classification using Support Vector Machines [spacy][scikit-learn][pandas]

Why Natural Language Processing can be hard?

Following are my notes for the video lectures of IIT-K, NPTEL, NLP course. (Not orgnanized properly, will do them soon.) "Language is the foundation of civilization. It is the glue that holds a people together. It is the first weapon drawn in a conflict." -  Arrival (2016). Problems in NLP : Ambiguity Open Domain Relation … Continue reading Why Natural Language Processing can be hard?

Dependency Parsing in NLP

Syntactic Parsing or Dependency Parsing is the task of recognizing a sentence and assigning a syntactic structure to it. The most widely used syntactic structure is the parse tree which can be generated using some parsing algorithms. These parse trees are useful in various applications like grammar checking or more importantly it plays a critical role … Continue reading Dependency Parsing in NLP

The Process of Information Retrieval

A friend of mine published this realy great post about Information Retrieval. I have reblogged it here.


Information Retrieval (IR) is the activity of obtaining information from large collections of Information sources in response to a need.

The working of Information Retrieval process is explained below

  • The Process of Information Retrieval starts when a user creates any query into the system through some graphical interface provided.
  • These user-defined queries are the statements of needed information. for example, queries fork by users in search engines.
  • In IR single query does not match to the right data object instead it matches with the several collections of data objects from which the most relevant document is taken into consideration for further evaluation.
  • The ranking of relevant documents is done to find out the most related document to the given query.
  • This is the key difference between the Database searching and Information Retrieval.
  • After the query is sent to the core of the system. This part has the access to the content management…

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