Android Development Introduction

So, you have decided to develop an Android app. Here is how you would start this operation. This post is a kind of a linking one. I will not be describing things which are already described great on other websites; I’ll just link them here:

  1.  First of all you will need the Android Tools. Download Android Studio and the Android SDK. Download and Install Eclipse ADT plugin if you decide to develop in the Eclipse IDE. Here are the Download links: Android Studio, Android SDK, Android ADT. If you are looking how to install them follow these Android Developer links. Vogella link.Android SDK Manager _009
  2. Let’s get familiar with a few things. Create a new Android Project. To know all these folder’s function follow here. Android Projects.
  3. Now create at least one Android Virtual Device. It is where your android projects will run for testing purposes.
  4. Before you actually being with Android Programming I suggest you read this first. So, that you know how to develop icons and layout and their development guidelines: IconographyColors and Layouts.Selection_008
  5. Android Devices have a lot of variations in screen sizes. It is important to support most of them. Supporting Different Screen SIzes, Supporting Different Screens and Supporting Different Densities.
  6. Let us begin with our first Hello World Project in Android.

So, I have decided that I will start mini-Android series and we will try several Android examples.


  • If you are programming in Eclipse then enable the ‘LogCat’ feature to debug your app.Selection_011
  • Before Publishing your app check your Manifest file thoroughly.Selection_007
  • Android Support and help can be found on various Android Forums.






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