A graphical depiction of a very simple css doc...
A graphical depiction of a very simple css document (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Yup… I know I didn’t blogged recently, I was designing the website www.basicsscience.com and so, I was pretty busy doing that stuff. Actually it would have take less time if it was in HTML but off course WordPress is in CSS and I am a unaware of CSS. Now I have to learn this CSS also…I learned a bit enough to change my website’s background color and header and footer…Font Styles,etc. but to monetize it for search engine optimization I have to learn it properly. I have a couple of books on CSS so, I will have to study them there are also tutorials available on internet so I’ll try them.

   In the mean time ahh… I was having second thoughts for Content Management Systems (CMS) Joomla and WordPress but eventually I selected wordpress because it gives you a lots of freedom for designing your website also it has cool plugins and widgets. I have posted first five posts on it and to be frank I have got zero pageviews but it takes time I mean every website needs time to grow (except Facebook) !

  At first I was a bit confused about the length of the posts but then I searched the internet and decided to have an average of 1000 words length. Today officially I will be launching my website even though I sort of made it live on 29th of march but today I will be promoting it and putting it on Social Networking sites…Wish me Luck…!





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