How to add your Wordpress website to Dreamweaver CS6?


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      Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a HTML editor, web development, and designing software by Adobe system released in 21st April 2012. It is the best web editing software in the market and is easy to use. In this tutorial, I will help you to connect your WordPress (Content Management System) website to Dreamweaver CS6 so that you can edit your website’s wordpress themes as per your needs. The screenshots will make your work easier, below are the things you will need.


·       A domain name with hosting.

·       WordPress 3.0 or above installed on it.(WordPress 3.5.1)

·       Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or CS5.

If you have all the above things on your system then you are good to go. Let us get started with our tutorial. This tutorial will be divided in two sections for the convenience of understanding.

·       Adding your website to Dreamweaver CS6:-


1.     Open Dreamweaver CS6 and go to Site tab and select New site and there you will see New site setup.

2.     Now enter the Site Name as you wish and Locate a folder where you want to store all the data.

3.     Select Servers tab and click the + button at the bottom and the Server setup window opens.

4.     Type a server name as you wish, it can be anything. Then Connect using > FTP and for FTP address you should enter the server address that your hosting provider has given you (Check your email inbox) and type it there without any errors.

5.     Now as you have Hosting service at your website, you must have a unique Username and Password that you have to enter it in those fields. Then click the Test button to verify your details.

6.     Leave the Root Directory option blank and proceed to Web URL. Here enter your Web URL (Your domain name).

7.     Go at the top again, switch from Basic mode to Advance, and select the Server Model as PHP MySQL. Rest options are not to be changed.

8.     Save your details. There is no need to change other options click Save and the Setup will close. Dreamweaver will import the necessary data and server details, and in minutes, you will see those files at the right side bottom of the window. Great, you have successfully added your website to Dreamweaver CS6.


Note: If you cannot verify your login details expand the More Options check Use Proxy, Use Passive FTP, Use IPV6 or try disabling you firewall as it may be interrupting the connections. If the problem persists let me know at the comments box I will be happy to help you.

·       How to connect the website to your wordpress account:-


1.     Select the Site tab again, scroll down, and select Site-Specific Code Hints. The setup will open, select Structure as WordPress and click Ok.(Make sure the File is selected as Sub-Root)


2.     At the Remote Server (Right hand side bottom of the window), select index.php file. Then the code will appear but you will see a notification at the top which reads as ‘This page may have dynamically-related files that can only be discovered by the serve.’ Select Discover and still you may see another notification but it is because we do not have our website in the directory, we have it on the hosting server, so select the Live button, which is above the notification. Thus you see your website live.

3.     Now a window pops up ‘Update on Testing Server’ click Yes again another window pops up ‘Dependent files’ click Yes.

4.     Select the split view so that you can see your website and its code at the same time. If you see error page then try inserting your homepage address in the address bar. Congratulations, you have added your wordpress website to your Dreamweaver CS6. You can edit your HTML or CSS codes to customize your wordpress theme.


      If you have any problems regarding the setup, comment below and I will try my best to help you to solve them. The website used in this tutorial is Basics Science.

    From the comments below I think some of our friends are having problem with setting up the website. You must be receiving this error message “Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server.”

    There is some issue with websites that are set up with wordpress. The Dreamweaver shows the above error if your Premalink settings are customized to avoid it change it to Default. Please follow the screen shot.

Permalinks Settings



A graphical depiction of a very simple css doc...

A graphical depiction of a very simple css document (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

  Yup… I know I didn’t blogged recently, I was designing the website and so, I was pretty busy doing that stuff. Actually it would have take less time if it was in HTML but off course WordPress is in CSS and I am a unaware of CSS. Now I have to learn this CSS also…I learned a bit enough to change my website’s background color and header and footer…Font Styles,etc. but to monetize it for search engine optimization I have to learn it properly. I have a couple of books on CSS so, I will have to study them there are also tutorials available on internet so I’ll try them.

   In the mean time ahh… I was having second thoughts for Content Management Systems (CMS) Joomla and WordPress but eventually I selected wordpress because it gives you a lots of freedom for designing your website also it has cool plugins and widgets. I have posted first five posts on it and to be frank I have got zero pageviews but it takes time I mean every website needs time to grow (except Facebook) !

  At first I was a bit confused about the length of the posts but then I searched the internet and decided to have an average of 1000 words length. Today officially I will be launching my website even though I sort of made it live on 29th of march but today I will be promoting it and putting it on Social Networking sites…Wish me Luck…!


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English: The logo of the blogging software WordPress. Deutsch: WordPress Logo 中文: WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I had posted yesterday I registered two domain names with Guys really there interface is really great and easy to operate and also they provide a great customer service. I also got hosting with Hostgator as they help their customer to setup a great website and their security is outstanding. At first I had an issue with the name server but then I contacted  support team and they solved it instantly. so, now they have given me an 24hr waiting time for the propagation and the my both websites will be live. Well, I have already installed WordPress tool so it makes my administration simple. I will update here as soon as my websites go live.