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This is the only blog from now on I will be updating regularly as I will be pretty busy with my new website. If things go as I have planned then I am sure that until tomorrow I will be owning two registered .com domain names. Then within two days I can make it go live. Only now I am a little bit confused, whether to use C-panel provided by Hostgator or to use the wordpress plugin to Design website.

Well many other netpreneurs recommend Godaddy for Domain name registration so, I guess I’ll stick to that and offcourse for hosting Hostgator. It’s good that they give you some 4500+ free themes…I mean I am good at HTML and CSS but, it’s still convenient to have a professional web design. Let’s see how things turn out tomorrow.





2 responses to “27/3/13”

  1. Suzi Nigl Avatar
    Suzi Nigl

    Have you investigated adding some kind of bookmarking buttons before links aimed by your site?


  2. Shirish Kadam Avatar

    I have added the subscribe (Follow) button.


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