What are some of the little things your parents did for you that made the biggest impact?

This answer was originally published by me on Quora, answering the question :

What are some of the little things your parents did for you that made the biggest impact?

And here is my response :

“When I was a kid my parents bought me these books :

World Book Encyclopedia

The World Book of Encyclopedia, I remember I was so excited the day we brought this books from a friend of my father. From that day I would daily open up each letter and just scan through it, it was so addictive. These books were like some treasure chest with information more than I could ever consume. At that time this was my Wikipedia (We didn’t have internet at that time). The pictures and illustration in it were so beautiful and informative. If anyone has these then they know the illustrations of Human Body had different transparent pages and with each page you can see different aspect/layers of your body (if you want I can upload pictures) or the Animals with detailed illustration and information. I have spent a huge deal of my childhood in these books. This greatly improved my research skills. If you had to search for a specific topic then you also had to search for the related topics.
We later bought another book :

Concise Atlas

Concise Atlas of the World from a door to door seller. It had maps of every country and I would sit for hours looking at them wondering what would actually be there at those places. It was the Google Maps for me.
I also remember my father reading us Bhagavad Gita, Gramgeeta and Manache Shlok every evening. He would read those verses and explain us each verse. It was just like a part of our curriculum. My brother and I would wait eagerly for these reading sessions and no matter how tired he was we would make him read at least half a page. He would explain them with real life stories with some funny jokes here and there. I never understood its importance at that time…we just did it because it was fun. But now I understand how it made me and my brother better citizens and gave us the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. 

I know now and appreciate how my father was foresighted.”

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