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Hey there! you can follow me on GitHub:



You can fork one my repositories. Most of  my Android Open Source projects are hosted on GitHub.

I have also published an app on Google Play Store.


DayMan (Android) [Published]

DayMan Scheduler intelligently schedules your day, so that you can focus on Productivity. Add your task, and DayMan will intelligently schedule your task with the rest of your daily schedule.

Machine Learning & Natural Language Processing

I am also interested in machine learning and developed a machine learning algorithm in python – Navie Bayes Classifier, it’s  a Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm. Fork it on GitHub. I am also currently working on a Question Answering system in Natural Language Processing domain [Python NLTK] and it’s inspired by IBM Watson.

TakeBooks.In [End of Development Cycle]

TakeBooks.In : Share your digital knowledge! - Google Chrome_012

A file storage and file sharing website where you can upload your files and share them with your community. Features like File moderation, Higher priority users, Following other users and their activities and a lots of others included.
Purely programmed in PHP and using MySQL database. Complete Dynamic performance and mobile device support.


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