A guide to write a best post.

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        Hi Guys, today I will be sharing all that I learnt through Internet, all these days about, How to write a top quality post. Here are my SIX A Rules that I would like to share with you.

1. Always use a unique Content: – I remember when I first started a blog on BlogSpot and the only thing I did was to copy from here and there and to make a mix post. It obviously did not work because Google always ranked those sites from where I copied my content, better than my blog, as they were the original content creators and had a rich content than mine. Keep it in mind when it comes to Google the content is everything and you cannot fool Google.   

2. Add subtitles:- Image yourself visiting a website which has a pile of information sacked like mess and I am sure even though it’s a good content you don’t want to read it. Today people search information on Google because it is a faster way to search than to search it in reference books. Therefore, it is quite important that we give our readers the exact information they need in a proper arranged manner. Add subtitles or Bullet points to your posts and underline them or write them in bold letters like I have done here. Also underline the important terms or points or things that you want to emphasize.

3. Add your Opinion or add an example: – If you are writing a product review make it a point to add your opinion to it. Most of the readers when read a review on a product on your blog they need to know about your opinion regarding the product. If you are writing on a topic for example on entrepreneurship you should add an example on a successful entrepreneur, that way you can make your post more interesting to read.

4. Address your readers: – You should write your post in way that your readers should feel it as a conversation or a discussion. Use ‘I’, ‘me’, or ‘You’ it makes the reader involved in the post.

5. Always insert attractive and meaningful images: – Everybody likes to read a storybook with illustrative images the same is with your blog. At first, I used to avoid adding images to the blog as they increase the loading time of the blog but later I started adding images and I found a significant increase in the traffic to my blog. Make sure you add some meaning full images and resize them according to the layout of your blog.

6. At times, try inserting charts and tables: – Instead of writing the content in paragraphs, you can make tables, charts, comparison tables, pie diagrams, graphs etc. By doing this the readers feel more comfortable, to read your blog and it is kind of quick accesses to the information in your post. 

Do not forget to conclude your post with a conclusion paragraph where you can add all your ‘important things to remember’. Also, leave your readers with a question so that they can reply to it by commenting on it thus ensuring you have your old visitors or repeating page views!

Comment below if you have anything to add or any suggestion regarding ‘tips to write a great post’.

You can visit my website to view a sample post at Basics Science.

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