How to Deal with Spam Comments.

no spam!

no spam!

    Here is the story of my blog a few days ago. I had a half dozen of good posts on it and I was feeling like a star blogger as I was getting almost 30 comments every day on each of them. Even though I never saw a significant increase in my page views…But who cares when you get lots of comments on it. I was happy and enjoying blogging, thinking in my mind ‘Wow who gets famous so fast?’ I had all sorts of complementary comments including “You should write a book” “You should participate in top blogs awards” “You have great knowledge about this stuff”….

   However, one noon I stumbled on wordpress forums where somebody had posted that such kind of flattery comments are spam and nothing else. Within seconds, I switched my tab and checked my comments box and found that, all those comments were back linked to some spam sites and ‘offensive content’. I never in my life wanted to be associated with this kind of trash and spam, so without second thoughts I removed all those spam comments. I was pretty disappointed. I truly love blogging but this kind of things really discourages you. So, today I am writing this post for all those beginners like me who are facing the same problem. Let us begin with the ‘Types of Spam comments and how to deal with them’.

·       Offensive Comments: These comments have offensive and annoying words in it. Thank god, I never got them. But if you have do not be disappointed just delete them. Not everybody can talk or behave well, so just neglect these kinds of things. Even the big blogs get such kind of things; it is just that they put them in trash (True place these comments deserve).

·       Flattery comments: Very easy to detect, these comments usually say lots of things about us that we never are. For example (I get these things usually)

“Seems like you know a lots of things about this stuff, you are a pro, I will subscribe to your feeds”

“My friend told me about this website and sure it has lots of interesting stuff, keep it up”

“It looks like you have written a book on it, it’s just like you are reading my mind, cheers”

I stumbled on to thus page and must admit it is really great writing, I will bookmark it and visit again”


Seriously guys, I have never have written a book on single damn thing, I am not an X-man mutant to read people’s mind and as far as I am concerned whenever I hang out with my friends we have a lot of things to talk about than to recommend websites to each others…

Do not fall for these comments…Then how to differentiate between genuine and spam comments? Spammers have user names like SEO Tips, Free Party Pills, Online money fast, Click me, etc. and there links leads to spam website or Shopping, selling useless stuff, weird online marking and other trash stuff which you can easily recognize. Also, they do not have profile picture or Gravatar whereas every serious blogger has a profile picture! These kinds of comments are really annoying and troublesome for the visitors at your blog. They also put up a bad impression of your website. So, get rid of them as fast as you can but if you keep on approving them then the spammers will totally concentrate on your website, those comments will keep on pouring making your blog look like a spam station!

·       Concern Comments: These spammers put comments that tell us that something is totally wrong in our website and that they could fix it. Believe me; WordPress never makes your website look bad unless you play with its code. Here are some samples of these concern comments.

“Hey you have got a good website, the colours are good, but I noticed a problem there with IE 8, visit this link it can help you”

“You really have great skills of writing but I can see that it is unable to pull traffic, learn some SEO tips here”

“I like your theme it is really beautiful, did you make it? But, it is having a bug, just want to give you a heads up, the content is going out of the page in chrome”

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers in the world and hardly has any issues and about the traffic, you can pull traffic only by your content and not by some ‘cheap tricks’.

When you see such comments, you just go frenzy check your website’s working with other browsers or report problem to WordPress support. The real problem is the spam comment; browsers hardly interfere with the visuals of your blog unless it is necessary.

·       Short n Nice comments: Really hard to identify but can be detected by their usernames and links. They go like this “Good Job Keep it up” “I loved it, will bookmark and visit again” “Your content is so well written that I could hardly resist myself from commenting”

Why do we comment on some post? Because we tried doing what was written in the post and it did not worked, or we had some issues doing that thing, we have some doubts or we have something to add to that post. If you look carefully to those comments above, they do not resemble to the content of the post in any sense…! This is not some social networking site to put such kind of short comments!

·       Exchange offer comments: “Hey I liked your post and shared it on facebook, pls check mine too” “I feel your blog is quite interesting checkout my blog and tell me about it”

There is only one thing I can say about these comments- Pathetic

·       Links comments: These guys are really brave and put direct links on our blog like we are advertising their blog…Its up to you, if you want to advertise such links go ahead.

   WordPress provides a great plugin called Akismet; it finds spam on its own and puts it in spam box. It is up to you whether to entertain such spammers on your Blog. If you are so keen to put up these comments then you can at least remove the links associated with them (To me that doesn’t make sense as these comments are not added by readers but by softwares…) . Now if a spammer is reading this; Please stop spoiling our content that we write with such a hard work we really love our blog. Putting up such links can bring you one or two bucks but it discourages our interest, which is more valuable. Find a good job!

       If you like, this post ‘like’ it below and let me know how I could have improved it. If you have, a rage (like me) on these spammers then let me known what you think about it by commenting below.( I still get almost 20 to 30 spams daily, but thanks to Akismet and WordPress team).


Blogging tips for Beginners.


     I am not a Blogging Guru although I would like to share some of the tips I learnt over past days while blogging and today I am going to share them with you. Actually, a blog owner recently commented on one of my posts asking to write about Blogging tips for beginners and here I am sharing my experience with you.

    Many people start blogging because they think that it will be kind of Facebook and we can make easy money. Sorry guys but if you want to start a blog that is long lasting and helpful to the readers, you should really be passionate about it, or you will in months you will get lazy and bored. As Bill Gates says ‘There is no shortcut to success, hard work is the only way’, quite true although when you work on something that you enjoy doing then it will not fill like hard work.

    Now when we start a blog, there are lot of things that we should keep in mind and should take care of. So, here this time I have done something different, it is like a checklist or to do list. You just have to check those things you have done and you haven’t and thus you can keep track of things. Let us begin!

·       Have some good plugins installed (only for users): There are number of utility plugins that wordpress provides the users, which are really helpful to build your blog. Check out my post Top Recommended wordpress Plugins.

·       Submit your website to Google Webmasters: Google Webmasters sort of take care of your site. They check and inform you about the health of your site and they also check the broken links or errors at your website. Whenever there is a spam on your website or your website gets hacked, they send you an alert email with solutions. Also, make sure you submit your Sitemap to them that helps you for Google search engine optimization. You can also get Optimization tips and traffic status.

·       Add you website to Google Analytics Programme: Today almost every website uses Google Analytics Programme. They give an in depth report of every aspect of your website, the Page views, Time spent, Search queries, Traffic sources, Audience behavior, Conversions, Content, etc. which helps you to understand your audience better. There are graphs, pie diagrams, mobile support, and also AdSense support.

·       Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search Engine Optimization is the optimization of your website and its appearance in a way that the search engines find it easy to crawl on your website, index your content accordingly and then showing up your content in search results as per the key words. Submit your sitemap occasionally (even though they do it on their own) to Google and Bing Webmasters so that it becomes easy for them to crawl on your content and index it quickly and efficiently. Make sure your post contains those keywords that people search for, this helps Google to rank your blog higher. Write posts in a friendly way and write on those topics that are really helpful to people. Optimize your website according to Google Webmasters Guidelines. Do not use copy right content, or spam on your website. That really upsets Google very much! Check out my post on How to write interesting Posts.

·       Selection of Theme: Selection of themes is quite important but many bloggers tend to neglect it. They put up some fancy themes with useless widgets at every empty corner. Several users are lazy to update there browsers so their older browsers do not support such fancy themes plus these theme have large file size so they take a huge time to load. Now even though it is ten or twenty seconds but these, few bunch of seconds make a huge difference and put a bad impression on the user. On the other hand, simple themes are fast to load, support older browsers also, they have simple and pleasant colour combination instead of contrasting or those annoying dark colours.

·       English or get one Translator! : Write your posts in English as it is kind of an international language and majority of people understand it. Remember write it in simple English using hard dictionary words will not make you look like a hard core blogger, it’s the content that rules here and not other fancy things. If you are so desperate to write in other languages then add Google Translator as widget so it gets translated in seconds to any language you want to read in.

·       Keep eye on Social networking: After you launch your blog create a fan page at Facebook and twitter. Recently, Google+ launched a brilliant feature called community it is the best place to meet people with similar interests so make it a point to open a fan page on Google+ too. Social networks promote your website among the audience and they get to know more about you. Keep tweeting and posting on these fan pages to be noticed amongst the users.

·       Join Forums: Forums is the best way to meet up with the people from your niche. You can share your experience and problems and even find solution for them. I mostly get many topics ideas for writing posts from these forums only! Start a thread and discuss things. Thus, you get different opinions and perspectives making your thinking wider.

·       Appreciate others: If you are a beginner and wants to get appreciated and recognized for your work then start recognizing other’s work too. A simple feedback or an encouraging comment can make a difference. The famous writer Dail Carnegie says ‘It is lot easier to make friends by getting interested in them instead of making them interested in you.’

Follow these tips, make your blog a success, post things that people really need to know and post it with the intention to help them. Good Luck! Hope I haven’t miss anything, if I have please mention it in the comments or if you have your own secret tips for blogging then share them with the rest of the world.

How to add your Wordpress website to Dreamweaver CS6?


English: Application icon for Adobe Dreamweave...

      Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 is a HTML editor, web development, and designing software by Adobe system released in 21st April 2012. It is the best web editing software in the market and is easy to use. In this tutorial, I will help you to connect your WordPress (Content Management System) website to Dreamweaver CS6 so that you can edit your website’s wordpress themes as per your needs. The screenshots will make your work easier, below are the things you will need.


·       A domain name with hosting.

·       WordPress 3.0 or above installed on it.(WordPress 3.5.1)

·       Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or CS5.

If you have all the above things on your system then you are good to go. Let us get started with our tutorial. This tutorial will be divided in two sections for the convenience of understanding.

·       Adding your website to Dreamweaver CS6:-


1.     Open Dreamweaver CS6 and go to Site tab and select New site and there you will see New site setup.

2.     Now enter the Site Name as you wish and Locate a folder where you want to store all the data.

3.     Select Servers tab and click the + button at the bottom and the Server setup window opens.

4.     Type a server name as you wish, it can be anything. Then Connect using > FTP and for FTP address you should enter the server address that your hosting provider has given you (Check your email inbox) and type it there without any errors.

5.     Now as you have Hosting service at your website, you must have a unique Username and Password that you have to enter it in those fields. Then click the Test button to verify your details.

6.     Leave the Root Directory option blank and proceed to Web URL. Here enter your Web URL (Your domain name).

7.     Go at the top again, switch from Basic mode to Advance, and select the Server Model as PHP MySQL. Rest options are not to be changed.

8.     Save your details. There is no need to change other options click Save and the Setup will close. Dreamweaver will import the necessary data and server details, and in minutes, you will see those files at the right side bottom of the window. Great, you have successfully added your website to Dreamweaver CS6.


Note: If you cannot verify your login details expand the More Options check Use Proxy, Use Passive FTP, Use IPV6 or try disabling you firewall as it may be interrupting the connections. If the problem persists let me know at the comments box I will be happy to help you.

·       How to connect the website to your wordpress account:-


1.     Select the Site tab again, scroll down, and select Site-Specific Code Hints. The setup will open, select Structure as WordPress and click Ok.(Make sure the File is selected as Sub-Root)


2.     At the Remote Server (Right hand side bottom of the window), select index.php file. Then the code will appear but you will see a notification at the top which reads as ‘This page may have dynamically-related files that can only be discovered by the serve.’ Select Discover and still you may see another notification but it is because we do not have our website in the directory, we have it on the hosting server, so select the Live button, which is above the notification. Thus you see your website live.

3.     Now a window pops up ‘Update on Testing Server’ click Yes again another window pops up ‘Dependent files’ click Yes.

4.     Select the split view so that you can see your website and its code at the same time. If you see error page then try inserting your homepage address in the address bar. Congratulations, you have added your wordpress website to your Dreamweaver CS6. You can edit your HTML or CSS codes to customize your wordpress theme.


      If you have any problems regarding the setup, comment below and I will try my best to help you to solve them. The website used in this tutorial is Basics Science.

    From the comments below I think some of our friends are having problem with setting up the website. You must be receiving this error message “Dynamically-related files could not be resolved because the site definition is not correct for this server.”

    There is some issue with websites that are set up with wordpress. The Dreamweaver shows the above error if your Premalink settings are customized to avoid it change it to Default. Please follow the screen shot.

Permalinks Settings